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With what method is ferrite degaussing good? Of course ferrite Demagnetizing machine

Ferrite magnet in what way demagnetization, some netizens asked this question, today Courage magnet manufacturer Xiaofu on this issue to introduce you.
What method is good for ferrite degaussing?
Ferrite magnet has excellent temperature resistance. If it is used for high temperature demagnetization, it needs 900 C. If it is higher than Curie point temperature (450 C), it will not be clean. If demagnetization is necessary, AC attenuation can be used to demagnetize.
Our Courage Magnet Manufacturer uses its ferrite demagnetizer for demagnetizing ferrite.
Ferrite demagnetizer
Ferrite demagnetizer
This equipment is easy to operate and has a clean demagnetization. Sometimes it is necessary to rely on it without paying attention to the wrong magnetization. According to our manager, this ferrite demagnetizer is not available in many magnet factories in Guangdong.
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