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Notes on the use of magnets on injection molded parts

In many cases, customers will need to use magnets and plastic parts to be molded together. We call them magnetic components. There are usually two kinds, namely NdFeB magnetic components and ferrite magnetic components, ferrite is not much to say, because its temperature resistance is good, basically no problem, mainly talk about NdFeB magnetic components, strong magnets in injection molding What details do we need to pay attention to when we using them?

Magnetic components
We know from injection molding that it needs to be formed at a high temperature. Only after high temperature molding, the injection molded parts will be made. In this case, if the magnet is placed on the injection molded part and molded together, the magnet is prone to demagnetization or even no magnetism.
How do magnet manufacturers solve the problem of magnet injection without demagnetization?
1.Use high temperature resistant magnetic materials instead of ordinary magnetic materials, but the cost will increase. One of the considerations for customers is magnetic force and the other is temperature resistance.
2.Plastic molds need to be placed where the magnets are placed, and then pressed through the tool. The tolerance of the magnet needs to be positive tolerance to avoid the magnet not being tight and falling out.
The above is the 2 points of notes for the use of strong magnets on injection molded parts. These two methods are used to avoid magnet demagnetization when the molded parts are used.
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