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Ferrite (Y10 Y25 Y30 Y33 Y30BH Y35) demagnetization curve

Many customers are looking for the demagnetization curve of ferrite. What temperature does the ferrite magnet demagnetize? Below the Xiaofu from Courage permanent magnet supplier compiled a demagnetization curve for the ferrite (Y10 Y25 Y30 Y33 Y30BH Y35).
Y10-Y30BH-Y35 demagnetization curve:
What temperature does the ferrite magnet demagnetize?
Y30BH, his intrinsic coercive determines his temperature resistance coefficient. The highest theoretical working temperature of ferrite is 250°. There will be demagnetization at every temperature point, but the magnitude of its demagnetization curve is different. According to your actual working temperature is 200 degrees, I recommend  you use Y30BH-2 will be better, it’s intrisic coercive will be much higher than Y30BH-1.


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