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To undertake ultra-thin round block sintered ferrite magnets customized

Find ultra-thin ferrite and sintered ferrite sheet processing on the Internet. Courage motor magnet manufacturer is your good choice.
The picture below shows the group of ultra-thin ferrite magnets from our company, the thickness is only 0.65mm
Ultra thin ferrite magnet
For such a thin ferrite magnet, it is more difficult to find a magnet manufacturer. If it is replaced with a strong neodymium iron boron magnet, it is basically not a problem, because the ferrite is different from the neodymium iron boron, so it is necessary to make such a thin thickness. Only with certain strength!
If you are interested in this ultra-thin ferrite magnet product, please contact us.

More ultra thin magnet products of our company;
Ultra thin strong magnet sheet 30mm*20mm*1mm
Thin magnetic sheet 0.4 mm thick
Thin small neodymium magnet,1mm dia x 0.5mm thick

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