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35H-52H performance arc magnet manufacturing customization, Standard raw materials

35h-52h performance arc magnet refers to the rare earth NdFeB magnetic tile with maximum temperature resistance of 120 ℃. It is mainly used in various DC motors. Our company can make NdFeB tile shaped magnetic steel products with different sizes, radians, coatings and temperature resistance according to the customer's requirements. If you need quotation, please come to the drawing consultation.
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The biggest characteristic of using this kind of rare earth magnetic tile is that there is no need for mould, strong magnetic performance and high dimensional accuracy. Our company can make samples of magnetic tile for motor test in a short time.
Dongguan courage magnet manufacturer produces all kinds of non-standard performance DC motor magnetic steel all the year round. The magnetic performance is stable and recognized by customers. All magnet products are guaranteed to use standard raw materials and meet ROHS standard. We are looking forward to your consultation!

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