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Where can I buy a cheap round ferrite magnet?

A lot of people want to find the goods in stock when they buy things, they think they can't wait for a moment, which is normal for other electronic products or bags, toys, but for the industry, especially the custom industry, many factories generally do not have stock. Today xiaofu received a customer, is to inquire ready-made, is in urgent need of some samples, because more conventional, so we provide free to the customer.
Some people will feel strange, you just said that the custom industry is not ready to stock it? Now how say again have, this isn't dozen face? The magnet factory will not keep a lot of stock because the magnet is used in almost every industry and its specifications and shapes are different, so it cannot keep a lot of stock and can only be customized according to the requirements of customers in each industry.
ferrite magnet
The reason why courage has round ferrite magnet spot supply is that the circular is a conventional shape, which is widely used in the market and almost used in many industries, such as leather goods, packaging boxes, bluetooth headsets, etc., which are all used in the round, so there is no pressure situation. In addition, there are many ready-made specifications for some ferrite rings, so if you need them, please consult them.

Use more circular ferrite magnet specifications;
Circular Ceramic Ferrite 12x3mm              Whiteboard magnet 15X4               Y30 strontium ferrite round 20mm x 3mm

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