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Notice of new year's day and Spring Festival holiday in 2020

Dear new and old customers of courage magnet:
At the coming of the Spring Festival, all the staff of Dongguan courage magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. hereby send their best wishes to you: all the best and prosperous!
According to the provisions of the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of our company, the holidays for new year's day and Spring Festival of our company in 2020 are arranged as follows:
New year's Day: it will be a holiday on January 1 (Wednesday) 2020, totaling 1 day; it will start working normally on January 2 (Thursday).
Spring Festival: from January 15, 2020 to February 4, 2020, a total of 20 days off, February 5  official work.
Notice of new year's day and Spring Festival holiday in 2020

Please let us know, and please make a good plan of magnet stock, and consult your corresponding business personnel.
Notice hereby!
Another: wish you all a happy New Year's day and New Year!

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