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What are the production modes of courage magnet customized manufacturers?

As one of the domestic companies specializing in permanent magnet manufacturing, courage magnet factory has been established for more than 10 years. It has its own production mode. Today, I would like to introduce it to the new and old customers.

1. provide drawings custom magnets
According to the magnet drawing provided by you, send the drawing to a professional processing master for proofing according to the drawing. After the proofing is successful, send it to you for confirmation, and start mass production after confirming that there is no problem.

2. Send samples and custom magnets
If you send your magnet samples to us for evaluation and quotation, if you think price it is acceptable, we will arrange a processing master to make samples for you, and then send them to you by express.

3. select customized magnet
If you see the kind of magnet (material shape) you want in our website, you can take a screenshot for us. After confirming your magnet specification, tolerance, temperature resistance, magnetic force and other elements, you can make samples.

The above are the three production modes of courage magnet factory, welcome customers who need to use magnets to consult (leave a message or call to see if you like).

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