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Why do many customers choose our custom motor magnets?

Magnets manufacturers are really many, search will come out a lot of search results, why many customers in the motor magnet, like to choose our Courage magnet manufacturer?
Xiaofu has been in the magnet industry for more than two years, and has contacted customers from all walks of life to inquire about different types of magnets. But most of the customers who accompany courage to the end are motor magnets. Why? Xiaofu briefly analyzed the following.
Motor strong magnetic tile

1. Making motor magnet specialty, magnet quality meets customer expectations
Our company is engaged in custom-made motor magnets for more than 10 years, can provide customers with stable performance samples, to solve the rare problem of customers looking for magnet suppliers! Unlike ordinary magnets, motor magnets require a lot of magnets. Ordinary magnets don't require a lot of magnets, including tolerance, magnetism, temperature resistance, etc. It's almost a death for you to quote standard materials to customers, because many customers are looking for low prices, low prices, low prices, no bottom line!
2. There are many magnet moulds
Many motor magnets need moulds to produce, such as bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets, injection magnets, ferrite multipole magnetic rings, radial multipole magnets, pump rotors, ferrite magnetic tiles, Hall induction magnetic rings and so on. Our company has many customers in this area, and has opened many public models (which can save one for customers). The cost of large-scale moulding.
3 there are many customer cases
At present, our customers mainly include brushless motors, generators, stepping motors, pump motors, servo motors, permanent magnet motors and so on. Most of our customers are in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and other places.
4. Be considerate in customer service
Including pre-sale, after-sale, timely response to customers, but also let customers feel very solid cooperation with us.
The above points are edited and sorted out by the editor according to his own situation, original and original, as long as you have the motor magnet inquiry and sample demand, it is absolutely appropriate to find courage! 

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