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How many people really understand the concept of strong magnets?

I often get a lot of calls from customers about strong magnets. For many new customers, their concept of strong magnets is very vague. This also gives many magnet suppliers some so-called opportunities, here do some simple instructions to help customers better understand the concept of strong magnet, convenient for customers to choose.
First of all, for example, the customer is a seal factory in shenzhen. Due to the need of products, the purchasing contact with our company is to purchase powerful magnets, which have been used in our products. The customer has provided us with the data of purchasing powerful magnets and asked us to make a recommendation. The specific data is not convenient to explain here, but according to the requirements of the customer, we have clearly judged that the strong magnets that the customer needs to purchase are not the ndfeb strong magnets produced by our company, but ferrite magnets. It can be seen that for customers, especially for many new customers, magnets with suction are all powerful magnets. Literally speaking, there is no problem. They are all magnets with suction.
Ring Nd-Fe-B magnet
Magnet according to the concept of the big points, can have rubber magnetic, ferrite, ndfeb, aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, if from the rough concept to go besides rubber magnetic can be called a powerful magnet, but because of the characteristics of each type of material is different, so at the time of purchase, is the need to use environment and purpose to distinguish, this need your purchasing told when communicate with manufacturer, to recommend suitable magnet material.
On the other hand, although these products are all powerful magnets, they are all made by different manufacturers. Because of the different production methods, it is impossible for one manufacturer to make all the magnets. They belong to different industries. If a factory tells you they have all these products, I personally think you need to seriously consider it.
The above is just a simple explanation for powerful magnets, I hope it helps you.

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