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Look for motor magnets ready-made specifications, you come here to choose!

The specifications of the magnets in our Karich Magnets Factory are dazzling. How do you choose them? When you open the computer to search for the magnet factory, our Karachi website will be displayed in front of you. When you click in and enter our official website, our magnet specifications pictures will be displayed in front of you. How do you choose the suitable magnet for you at this time? You can either call directly from our website or consult our customer service personnel online. We will introduce you a magnet suitable for your enterprise.
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If you want to find the specifications of existing motor magnets and do not want to open the mould, you can contact us directly to tell you the required magnet material, approximate size, magnetization series, dosage, etc. We will help you find our existing or near specifications.
Dongguan Karichi Magnets Factory Aftersales Guarantee
No matter which province you are in, as long as you find us on the official website and buy our magnets, we will be responsible for the quality of magnets in the end.
Our company specializes in the manufacture of motor magnets, sensor magnets, special-shaped neodymium magnets for more than 10 years. To learn more about Carragher magnets, you can click into the magnet product library.

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