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Importance of Magnet Drawings for Magnet Manufacturers

Product drawings, i.e. product processing drawings, are also needed for magnet products, especially for some complex magnets, such as special-shaped magnets and motor magnets. Because the production process of magnet is very complicated, it involves many factors. For example, the performance of magnets, dimensional tolerances, magnetic force requirements, and magnetic direction and so on. If there are no drawings, it is unavoidable to say that they are incomplete or misunderstood orally, which results in that the magnet can not meet the customer's requirements and wastes the time and materials of the magnet manufacturer.
So in general, when our magnet manufacturer checks or produces customer magnets, we will let customers provide drawings, or sketch plans, so that we can accurately assess the price, according to customer requirements to make magnet products that satisfy customers, so you must not bother.
Attached a drawing of magnet
Magnet drawings
If you have any questions about magnet products, you can contact us directly. We will explain it clearly for you.

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