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Friends who buy powerful magnets, you must read this article.

It is not easy to purchase a batch of high-quality Nd-Fe-B magnets. It is more difficult to find a high-quality magnet supplier that meets the requirements of our company. This article is for experience sharing. I hope the friends who purchase magnets will read carefully and carefully.
Ordering magnets, in order to have a low price, good quality and good after-sales service attitude, it is naturally the best choice for magnet factory to customize. In order to make the workmanship more convenient, more efficient and more secure products, the following four points must be paid attention to before ordering.
I. Selection of performance grades of magnets
Black epoxy neodymium iron boron
Some new purchases may be based on engineering drawings or text requirements for magnets quotation, for new contacts, the so-called N35, or N38 certainly do not know what it means. Under the small edition of popular science, there are many kinds of materials for magnets. This magnet factory (Karich) can provide N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52, EH, UH, M and other high-temperature materials, so before doing, it must be clear. What kind of performance brand of magnet Chu wants to purchase.
2. Specification and size of magnets
Before quoting, it is better to measure the diameter and thickness of circular magnets with calipers, the length and width of square magnets, the width and radian of tile magnets, and the data of other special-shaped magnets must be detailed. It is better to have blueprints to indicate tolerances so as not to make mistakes. It is also a punched strong magnet. Besides the above data, of course, it is necessary to measure clearly what holes are punched, whether straight holes or countersunk holes or other special-shaped holes. Anyway, the more detailed the better.
3. the protective layer of the magnet is the coating.
Magnets just made are black and gray, ugly, general customers will require zinc plating, this silver-white environmental protection and affordable and practical, so this coating is the choice of most customers, if you have special requirements, you can plating nickel, chromium, copper, gold, color zinc, black zinc, black nickel, epoxy and other coatings, it does not matter!
4. Complete information of magnet manufacturer
In the process of conversation, you can see the company's website or some actual pictures, production lines, if you can go to the field to check better, there are regular institutions issued environmental protection testing reports, quality system certification, you can rest assured that the order.
Well, today's sharing is over. Welcome customers who need magnets to contact us!


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