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What is the influence of the number of magnetic steel on the motor?

Different motors have different requirements for motor magnets. Take the motor NdFeB magnetic tile for example. Some motors may use 8 pieces of splicing, some may use 10 pieces of splicing, or more. What is the impact of the number of motor magnetic steel on the motor? Is the more magnetic steel, the greater the force?
The picture of the sample is NdFeB arc magnet
NdFeB arc magnet
The motor is in circular motion, and each slot of stator can be regarded as a multilateral edge. The closer the polygon is to the circle, the more stable the motor will run. The more uniform the torque output. Each time the iron core of the stator passes through the magnetic steel, when they face each other, the force is the biggest!
In the same design, the more pole pairs of magnetic steel, the more effective copper consumption, the greater the torque. For example, the torque of 13 inch 30 magnetic steel motor is greater than that of 10 inch 55 magnetic steel motor.
The torque of the motor is produced by the magnetic field strength of the magnetic steel and the magnetic field strength generated by the stator of the unit current. Generally, the strength of the magnetic steel increases by the height of the magnetic steel, and the magnetic field of the stator is determined by the number of turns in the unit inner coil!
Whether the motor torque is strong or not depends on two points;
1. The height and material grade of magnetic steel.
2. Is the stator silicon steel sheet material and stator winding group full slot and equal turns
The more equal turns, the greater the magnetic field obtained per unit current, that is, the greater the torque.
PS: the motor with few pole pairs must be tile magnet, which is not mainly to obtain high torque, which is the reason of typical physical shape, so that the air gap is uniform and the magnetic gap is reduced to obtain higher efficiency!
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