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Introduction of five methods for judging magnetic poles of magnets

Everyone knows that magnet has two pole - N and S. But how to identify the poles of the magnets? Here Id like to introduce 5 methods.
1. It can be used the geographic pole to determine, such as bar magnet, first, use a thread tied up the magnet middle and hanging up, after the magnet close to static, the side which pointing to the north, it’s the N pole, other side is S pole.

Scribing ndfeb circular magnet

2. Using a magnet which known its poles and close to the unknow magnet. The opposites will stick together, and if they are same pole , it will reprehend each other.
3. Find a compass and keep it steady , use a magnet close to the N pole of the compass, if repulsion, it’s N pole, or it’s S pole.
4.Testing by instruments, such as gauss meter

5. When purchasing magnets, let the magnet manufacturer mark the NS pole well.

Above are five ways to judge the NS poles of magnets. I hope I can help you. If you have magnets to buy, please contact us.


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