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Are ferrite rotors all radially magnetized?

In order to help customers solve some questions about magnets, this website has set up a magnet questions column. At present, more than 200 magnet problems have been collected. Those who are interested can go to learn about them.
Today's magnet question: are ferrite rotors radially magnetized?
A: not all. Ferrite rotors mainly include sintered ferrite rotors and injection molded ferrite rotors. Generally, the ferrite rotor magnets used in motors are of these two types. Most of them are radial magnetization. Please note that most of them are or are not. The number of commonly used magnetic poles is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc.
In addition, there are axial multipole magnetization, oblique magnetization (oblique angle magnetization). These magnetization methods can be used by magnet manufacturers according to customer's requirements. Not all ferrite rotors are radial magnetized. This is wrong.

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