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Do strong neodymium magnets have black?

Speaking of black magnet, the first thing that comes to our mind is the ferrite magnet that looks like black hemp, some netizens will have a question, does strong magnet have black? With your question, magnet manufacturers small Fu today to talk to you.
Do you have a strong magnet in black?
yes , we have. We can see that most of the rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnets are silver white, which is because the coating is mainly zinc and nickel, but there are also black coatings (for higher requirements), such as black epoxy, black zinc, black nickel, etc. after these coatings, the appearance of the strong magnets will appear black, so there is black strong magnetic oh.
Strong convex magnet coated with black nickel
Black nickel plated magnet
Black epoxy ring magnet
Black epoxy strong magnet
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