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How many gauss does 1 cm (10mm) ndfeb magnet have?

A 1 cm diameter magnet (rare earth NdFeB strong magnet) is a relatively conventional magnet, which is widely used in all walks of life because of its magnetic force. How many Gauss does a 1 cm (10 mm) NdFeB magnet have? How much tension? Today, I would like to introduce these two questions to you.
The following data are for reference only. The values will be slightly different for different Gauss meters with different measurement methods.
10mm neodymium magnets
The round magnet of 10 mm x 1.5 mm has a performance of about 1800 GS and a magnetic pull of about 860 G
N52 with a diameter of 10mm and a thickness of 2mm has a surface magnetism of 2700gs and a tensile force of about 1.4kg
The magnetic strength of N45 is about 3390gs and the tensile force is about 1.9kg
D10x5mm, N38 grade, surface magnetism about 4450gs, tensile force about 2.5kg
D10 * 6mm, N38 performance, Gauss about 4800gs, tensile force about 2.9kg
Note: the large Gauss of a magnet does not necessarily mean that the magnet has a stronger suction (magnetic force). The suction of a magnet is related to the size, material, and performance of the magnet. The larger the Gauss of the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force.
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The diameter of the magnet is 10 mm;
Dia 10mm x thick 0.4mm strong magnet

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