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How to select magnet supplier for customized injection molded magnetic rotor

Nowadays, all kinds of motors are used in various fields such as machines, household appliances, smart home and so on, and they are widely used in our life. As one of the indispensable magnet parts on the motor, the demand for injection molded magnetic rotor has greatly increased. As we all know, when we develop a new motor product, we need to find a suitable magnet supplier, so we should purchase customized motor injection molded magnetic rotor as follows How to choose magnet suppliers?
In 2016, there was a shortage of raw materials for magnetic materials, which led to an increase and instability in prices. Sometimes, the validity period was only a few days, or there was a different price in a day. The payment method was also carried forward from monthly to cash settlement, and the payment was made first and then delivered. For the magnet factory, this is a severe challenge, and many magnet factories do not accept orders In this turbulent situation, we should choose those who have security and strength to resist pressure.

There is no market without quality, which has always been the truth. Fish and bear's paws can't be both. Low price means low quality, poor service and poor after-sales service. This is why more and more buyers choose courage.
Courage has been in existence for more than 10 years since its establishment. I want to say that this is not an accident. The survival time of an enterprise depends on whether the enterprise can create value for users, the industry and society.
Our ability to stand out among the numerous magnet factories in the Pearl River Delta region is enough to prove our strength. Now, many motor customers in and out of the province are looking for us to customize injection molded magnetic rotors, NdFeB arc shaped magnets, Bonded ndfeb multipole magnetic rings, etc.

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