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Can we measure the performance grade of magnet with Gauss meter?

Similar questions about whether the performance grade of magnets can be measured with a Gauss meter are often asked by customers. Can they judge the grade of magnets? Today, Maggie supplier Courage Xiaofu answered this question.
Using Gauss meter to measure the magnetism can not actually judge the grade of the magnet material. Those who have experience can roughly judge based on experience. If you want to judge the grade of the magnet, you need to measure the demagnetization curve.
Why do you say that?
Neodymium iron boron ring magnet
1. It is inaccurate to look at the magnetism only. The results measured by each person are different, because the placement position and distance may be different, resulting in different values. This can only be used as a rough reference. In addition, Gauss of different brands is measured. The results will be different.
2. For magnets of the same performance brand, different specifications, thicknesses, etc. will cause different Gaussian values. In the case of the same magnet specifications, the thicker the thickness, the greater the magnetism (Gaussian value).
Therefore, it is generally difficult to judge the material grade of the magnet from the value measured by the Gauss meter, usually looking at the magnetic flux.
So what can be judged with a Gauss meter?
Gaussmeter measurement of magnetometer can roughly determine whether the magnet is good or bad. Magnets of the same specification and different performance levels have different magnetism. In addition, they can also detect which side of the N and S poles of the magnet are and whether they are multi-pole ( Multiple NSs on one face, etc.
The above is the answer to the question about whether the performance level of the magnet can be measured with a Gauss meter. If you have a magnet purchase plan, please contact us.

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