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What are the appearance defects of NdFeB magnetic materials?

What are the appearance defects of NdFeB magnetic materials?
The appearance defects of NdFeB magnets are mainly produced in the production process. The common appearance defects are magnet cracks, cracks, pits, angle drops, blisters, knife marks, sand holes, pockmarks, etc. In addition, it is possible that the electroplating layer on the magnet surface is wrong, because most of the electroplating of the magnet manufacturers are sent out, which may be wrong. When QC checks the incoming goods, they can see whether they are consistent with the requirements of their own company.

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The cracks of magnets appear in the sintering process, and the corners and scratches are produced in the slicing or logistics links, while the sand holes and blisters appear in the electroplating process.
The above is the introduction of some appearance defects of neodymium iron boron magnetic materials. Generally, magnet manufacturers will check them when they deliver goods to customers. If they find any appearance defects, they will pick them out, so that there will be few defective products in the hands of customers.

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