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Can magnets be infinitely divided?

When it comes to magnets, you can't be more familiar with them. You played with them when you were a child. You just found the charm of magnets by breaking them accidentally. No matter how small you break them, there are still two levels of magnetic fields, North and south. This makes many teenagers feel amazing. Until we grow up, we seem to be in a fog. Can magnets be divided infinitely?
Magnet can be divided into "permanent magnet" and "non permanent magnet". Permanent magnets can be natural products, also known as natural magnets, or manufactured manually. Non permanent magnets, such as electromagnets, appear only under certain conditions.
First of all, let's look at the magnetic field: the earth is comparable to a super large generator, and the north and south poles have opposite magnetic fields. The magnetic field formed by this big magnet is not only beautiful, but also crucial! The solar wind is peeling away and exploding all the time. There are only a few planets, brothers and sisters, including the earth. The magnetic fields like mercury and Mars are almost peeled away. So they are dry, with super high and low temperature difference between day and night, not to mention the birth of life. Even a drop of water can't survive!
But the earth is full of vitality. The main reason is that the earth is composed of high-temperature core magma, which forms a strong magnetic field to protect the earth and lock the moisture in the atmosphere. Guaranteed not to be peeled off by the solar wind like dry mercury or dry Mars!
Now that we know the powerful effect of the magnetic field, let's see how a magnet is divided:
Is there an infinite split? This should be based on our scientific theory! At present, the nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons, while protons and neutrons are made up of upper and lower quarks respectively. Quarks become the smallest micro particles at present, and can't be seen from below! So now the world urgently needs to build a larger super energy particle collider to explore. It seems that this task falls on China's head, because it takes time and effort to build, and it is to prove a theory. Are there any smaller basic particles that have not been found?
magnetic pole
Wang Yifang, from the Institute of high energy particle physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in his speech that China is about to build the large collider with a circumference of 100 kilometers, which will be more than three times the circumference of the European Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest and highest energy particle accelerator (the current circumference of 27 kilometers in Europe), and its other functions will be thousands of times. This is highly recommended by Prof. Wang. Of course, Prof. Yang Zhenning is not optimistic about it, because it feels illusory and costs a lot of money. For China, which is not developed at present, it seems that Prof. Yang prefers to invest in application and other people's livelihood construction. After all, the United States has spent tens of billions of dollars for the current uncompleted project!
At present, quark is the smallest particle in the universe, so we can infer that there is no infinite universe! Of course, the logic of the infinitely divided magnet is not tenable, but the smallest indivisible magnet still exists in the north and south poles! But if quarks are the ultimate answer to the universe? Or is human technology limited, and there are still smaller micro particle states down there?
When it comes to the theory of big bang, the universe comes from a "singularity" of infinitely small and infinite density, infinitely curved time and space!
Note: if this is true, the logic of infinite segmentation is also true, but the result of infinite segmentation and "singularity" may describe one thing!
However, the limitations of current scientific theory and application cannot determine whether the micro particles are infinitely small, so it is impossible to determine whether there are infinitely large or infinitely small material states, so the infinitely divided magnet is also not tenable!

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