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How many gauss are the n35 diameter 8mm magnets?

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From the N35 properties in question we can know that it is the neodymium iron boron strong magnet, here will not be introduced, so how many gauss is 8mm neodymium magnet?
Neodymium iron boron magnet with diameter of 8mm and thickness of 1mm has a magnetic surface size of about 1300gs.
Ndfeb magnets with a diameter of 8mm and a thickness of 2mm have a surface magnetic size of about 2400gs.
Neodymium iron boron round magnet with diameter of 8mm and thickness of 3mm has a magnetic size of about 3200gs.
Neodymium iron boron round magnet with diameter of 8mm and thickness of 4mm has a magnetic size of about 3800gs.
Ndfeb round magnet with diameter of 8mm and thickness of 5mm is about 4200gs.
The following figure is the size of 8mm diameter ndfeb strong magnetic part of the specification table magnetic size and suction table, axial magnetization, I hope to help you, (note: the size of the table magnetic value will be slightly different according to different gauss)
8mm neodymium magnet Gauss
From the above we can see that the magnetic surface of the magnet is proportional to the thickness of the magnet, the thicker the thickness, the stronger the magnetic surface, can hold heavier iron items.
If you want to increase the magnetic size of the magnet table without changing the magnet specification can improve the performance grade, if necessary, please feel free to contact us.

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