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What are the magnet materials used on the door curtain? Which is better?

Magnet door curtain because use is very convenient, the appearance is beautiful, pass in and out automatically close the fly that can reduce summer mosquito to enter effectively, also be more in recent years fire, walked into a lot of families, accordingly, have a few curious baby the problem comes, door curtain magnet material has which kind of? That is good? Will it be harmful to the human body and so on, with your curiosity, today to share with you.
What are the magnet materials used on the door curtain?
Magnetic curtain
Mainstream door curtain magnet material has rubber magnetic strip (soft magnetic), ferrite magnet, neodymium iron boron strong magnet three kinds, according to the different use of design is different, if it is the top of the door curtain will automatically adsorption or the middle of the door curtain after manual pull adsorption, are commonly used neodymium iron boron strong magnet. If in the door curtain whole self adsorption, is mostly rubber magnet or ferrite permanent magnet.
Which door curtain magnet is better?
Which good depends on the design of the customer, the highest cost is rare earth neodymium iron boron material, have very strong suction, but general magnetic door curtain also need not high strength neodymium iron boron magnet, so magnetic door curtain usually with rubber soft magnet, mainly ferrite.
Above is about the door curtain magnet some of the introduction, screen window door curtain magnet needs to quote welcome to contact our company.

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