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Does sintered ndfeb magnet have radiation? The answer is surprising

Today on the Internet to see a lot of netizens concerned about whether the sintered ndfeb magnet has radiation to the person this problem, some people think ndfeb magnetic force is so strong, there must be radiation, some people think there is no radiation, today with everyone under the science.
What is radiation?
Radiation is a stream of waves or particles that carry energy and spread out from the center.
Does neodymium iron boron magnet have harmful radiation to human body?
Only the changing electromagnetic field can produce radiation, the magnetic field with strong radiation ability refers to the middle and high frequency magnetic field (the frequency is in thousands or even tens of thousands of Hertz above), such as: electromagnetic oven, mobile phone, etc. exist relatively high frequency electromagnetic field, the existence of electromagnetic radiation. And neodymium iron boron super magnet produces static magnetic field, static magnetic field will not produce electromagnetic radiation, will produce magnetic field, and mobile phone together will affect the mobile phone signal.
Neodymium iron boron ring magnet
In short, the strong magnet will not produce radiation. A little distance away from the magnet, the magnetic field will be very small and will not affect.
Why do electromagnets emit radiation?
Electromagnets because of electricity, there will be some electromagnetic radiation, including some household appliances, the higher the frequency, the more serious the radiation.
The above is about sintered ndfeb magnet radiation? Full content, the answer is not unexpected, to learn more magnet knowledge welcome to collect this site magnet questions column.


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