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What is the biggest difference between arc magnet and rectangle magnet for motor?

In some common DC motors, there are two kinds of magnet steels that are used most, namely tile magnet and straight plate (rectangular) magnet. Some netizens will ask, what is the biggest difference between the two? Which is better?

The biggest difference between tile magnet and rectangular magnet

Tile shaped magnetic steel has better air tightness and higher efficiency. The biggest difference between the tile and the straight plate is that the tile can reduce the pole pairs when the air gap is constant, so as to improve the efficiency of the motor at high speed. Because the magnetizing surface of the straight plate magnetic steel is always straight, the pole pairs cannot be less than that of the tile magnetic steel when the air gap is constant. However, the electric vehicle motors are all made of silicon steel stator, the higher the working frequency, the greater the iron loss, Tile magnetic steel can solve this problem. After the polar logarithm is reduced, the frequency of silicon steel plate at the same speed will be reduced, and the iron loss will be relatively reduced, and other differences are very small.
Usually, Arc magnetic steel is chosen for high power generators.

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