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Why have to provide so much information for customized magnets?

Some customers do not understand, why to find you custom magnet products need to ask so many questions? Some customers or willing to cooperate, some customers feel very bored, with this customer do not understand the problem small make up to take you into the karich, let you thoroughly understand the magnet industry custom magnet products of some procedures and consulting issues.

Every day there are customers from all over the world friends, also from all walks of life purchasing Mr/ms. For most customers who come to the inquiry, their first reaction is to customize the magnet how much is it? For magnet manufacturers, after all, it is the source of production, not retail or other toys. It's a custom production, where every product is evaluated and processed. So no matter from the official website of the inquiry or from aliwangwang consultation, when you ask the first time, the customer service staff will ask you some information about the product, product application and your company.

First of all, we guarantee to provide you with 100% confidential and comprehensive magnet product information, which is helpful for the engineers of courage magnet manufacturer to analyze the product structure and production capacity. Can the magnets be processed and produced? Is there any problem? Finally, we can determine the unit price of the product and give you a true answer.
Secondly, in order to prevent the inquiry of malicious peers, there are many peers who have made inquiries to our company now. There is no more in the QQ of small edition, at least a dozen or more peers add up. In order to better protect the interests of customers, carrich magnet manufacturers do not spread bad information related to customers' products.
Thirdly, we will provide effective magnet product information and company information for inquiry. We will make relevant records for each customer friend who inquires in carrich, and we will be responsible for you as well as ourselves.

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