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How is sintered NdFeB waste produced?

Regarding how sintered neodymium iron boron waste is generated, some friends would like to know, today I will share with you the processes in which rare earth neodymium iron boron waste is easy to produce.

In the production of sintered NdFeB, from raw material pretreatment to final product detection, every process inevitably produces waste or scrap. The waste produced in the production process can reach 25% - 30% of the total weight of raw materials.
The production link of NdFeB waste

Due to the differences in process methods, shape specifications and other aspects of various magnet manufacturing enterprises, the loss rate of machining process is different, resulting in the total loss rate is not the same, but the high loss rate of materials in the production process of NdFeB is an undoubted fact, and the loss of machining and the unqualified products of surface treatment are the most waste products in the whole production process of NdFeB Many.

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