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Is there a big difference between the Gauss value of magnet plating and non-plating?

Today, I encountered a question asked by a net friend about magnets. Client have asked before, that is, magnet plating and non-plating Gauss value if is much different? Today, Xiaofu  who comes from Dongguan magnet manufacturer courage take time to talk to everyone again.
Is there a big difference between Gaussian values of magnet plating and non-plating?
Circular neodymium magnet

I have actually tested it. In fact, this is not much different, because the coating of the magnet is mainly to prevent oxidation and corrosion. NdFeB magnets can completely ignore the influence of the coating during use. So sometimes, the customer's sample delivery is urgent. We also negotiate with the customer that the sample will not be plated first, only test the magnetic force first, if the magnetism is ok, subsequent mass production is followed by electroplating.
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