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Which manufacturers need use rare earth ndfeb strong magnets?

Neodymium iron boron strong magnet, that is, people often say strong magnet, high strong magnet, the most heard is that I want strong magnet, do you do it? The application of strong magnet is quite extensive, almost involving all walks of life. Today, we will talk about which manufacturers will need such magnet!

Which manufacturers will use NdFeB strong magnet?
Circular neodymium magnet small size

The manufacturers that use more magnets include toy factory, packaging handbag factory, mechanical equipment factory, sound horn factory, printing factory, electrical machinery factory, plastic hardware factory, water pump factory, magnetic connector factory, smart home factory, electrical appliance factory, sensor factory, children's toy factory, electronic machinery factory, instrument instrument factory, lighting manufacturer, medical equipment, etc., almost every Magnets are possible in all industries.
The above are all large categories, which can be subdivided into many parts. Different magnet manufacturers may have different positioning. There are magnets specially used for packaging handbags, motors and motors, and magnets of several specifications. It depends on which field your company has advantages.

Our main products are special-shaped Nd-Fe-B strong magnet, sintered ferrite magnets, motor magnet steel (arc magnet, radial multipole ring magnet), the price has certain advantages, welcome to inquire.

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No drawings, no samples. Can I customize the magnet I want?


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