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The magnetizing poles of magnets whether or not be unlimited?

We all know that magnets can be multipolar magnetized, including ferrite and NdFeB. Some netizens will ask if the number of magnetizing poles of magnets is unlimited? Today, the magnet supplier courage Xiaofu introduced to you.

The magnetizing poles of magnets whether or not be unlimited?
magnetizing poles of magnet

Theoretically speaking, there is no limit to multipole magnetization. However, in practice, due to the limitations of conditions, such as wire diameter, current density, heat dissipation, volume, etc., the result is very limited to the number of magnetizing poles. The biggest limitation is the ratio of pole number to size, forming the width limit of pole. It is very difficult to magnetize when the width of pole is less than 1mm, so The number of magnetizing poles is absolutely limited.

The above is about the magnetic number of magnetizing poles related introduction, hope the above answer is helpful to you, there is a need for multi-pole magnets welcome to contact!

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