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Why does the vibration sensor have a magnet?

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Today's magnet topic: why is there a magnet on the vibration sensor? What is its main function?
The main function of the magnet is to cut the magnetic field line when the coil moves relative to the magnet within the working frequency range of the sensor.
 Induction voltage is generated in the coil, which is directly proportional to the vibration speed value. It can be connected with the secondary instrument (vibration intensity monitor, vibration monitor, vibration transmitter, etc.) to display the vibration speed or displacement, and can also be sent to other secondary instruments or AC voltmeter for measurement, so as to predict and alarm the mechanical fault.

Why use permanent magnet? What are the benefits?
The advantage of using permanent magnet is that it does not damage the object to be measured and it is convenient to move.
Attention shall be paid to the installation position of the magnet vibration sensor: it shall be installed vertically or horizontally on the vibration point to be measured, and the bottom of the sensor shall be fixed with M10 screws.

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