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What are the production and processing methods of irregular neodymium magnet?

If you don't often contact with magnets, you will think that magnets are only round, circular, square, which are common types of magnets. The special-shaped powerful magnets are generally irregular shaped magnets, that is, special magnets. The most common special-shaped magnets in the magnet industry are concave convex, stepped, semicircle, slotted and so on.

What are the production and processing methods of irregular neodymium magnet?
irregular neodymium magnet

Because of its conductivity, special-shaped strong magnet (NdFeB) can be processed by wire cutting, grinding, drilling and other processing technologies (turning, milling and so on can not be implemented). These processing methods can change its shape, so we can see different shapes of special-shaped magnet.

Is it difficult to process special magnet?
Since it is heteromorphic, it is naturally more difficult to process, including magnetization difficulty and delivery time.

Do irregular neodymium magnets need to be moulded?
NdFeB is not needed.

At present, the materials of special-shaped magnets are mainly neodymium iron boron and ferrite. It is mainly used in various machines, precision electronics, motors, electroacoustics, motors, wind turbines and other industrial applications.

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