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How much weight of somethings will can be attracted for magnet of 5000 gauss?

How much suction does a 5000 Gauss magnet have? I saw such a magnet problem when I was browsing the web. Today I want to talk with you.

How much weight of somethings will can be attracted for magnet of 5000 gauss?
Neodymium magnets

The Gauss of magnet has no computability with how much it can pulling force and how far it can absorb. It's not that the larger the Gauss of magnet is, the greater its suction force is. How can the Gauss of magnet absorb multiple is related to the magnet's specification, shape, and magnetization method.

For example, a small magnet 5000gs with a pull of 0.8kg. Large magnet 1000gs, but the pull force is 100kg, so it is also related to its volume (contact surface).

Write at the end: with the same magnet specification, the larger the surface Gauss value is, the stronger the magnetism is.
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