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What is the strongest magnets?

The strongest permanent magnets in the world are neodymium magnets. They are magnetic materials made of alloys of neodymium, iron and boron. They form Nd2Fe14B structure and can Suck up 640 times the weight of their own. They are known as the King of Magnets.

Of course, in terms of quality, he is not the strongest, but electromagnet (not permanent magnet), when the size is small, neodymium magnet is stronger than electromagnet.

Since the introduction of neodymium magnets for the first time, with the progress of manufacturing technology, higher-level neodymium magnets have been available in the market. At present, the strongest available level is N55, which has not been widely used. More commonly, N42 and N52 levels are available.

About the power of neodymium magnets
1. A foreigner put an IPAQ on the top of a neodymium magnet. At this time, the mobile phone brightened up, and then tried several times. We can find that the mobile phone suddenly restarted automatically. That's really awesome. I wonder if this mobile phone has been seriously harmed. Then we try to get the neodymium magnet close to the old TV, and we can see that the TV seems to be malfunctioning, and the snowflake display begins to appear on the TV screen. And the amazing thing is that the snowflakes on TV will change with the change of neodymium magnets. As we go through this step, we all know the strength of neodymium magnets.
2. There is also a foreign brother who first clamps the mobile phone with two small neodymium magnets, and then these two magnets use their powerful magnetic force to directly squeeze the brand-new screen of the mobile phone to pieces.
neodymium magnets

3. A netizen's finger was caught by a magnet carelessly during his work. At that time, the distance between the two magnets was only 50 centimeters. He was not able to respond. His right index finger tip was instantly crushed, and there were finger remnants on it!
75mm diameter magnet

The reason why neodymium magnets are so powerful is that they have high antidemagnetism (coercivity) and high magnetic saturation level, which can produce a large magnetic field.

As the most powerful permanent magnet nowadays, and also the most commonly used rare earth magnet, it will naturally be used in appropriate places. Neodymium magnets will often appear on motors, electrical appliances, electronics, hard drives, mobile phones, earphones, machinery and equipment, national defense and so on.

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