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How to measure the strength of a magnet?

Each magnet of different specifications has different magnetic field strength. How can we detect (measure) the magnetic field strength of the magnet? Today, the strong magnet manufacturer courage Xiaofu will introduce to you, attach measuring method.
Gauss meter and Tesla meter are special instruments for measuring magnetic induction intensity of magnetic field, and they are commonly used devices in magnetic measuring instruments. When the probe touches the surface of the magnet, it senses the flux density and converts it into the voltage read by the Gaussian meter. Gauss readings are displayed on the instrument. The maximum value is found when moving on the surface of a magnet (usually at the magnetic pole). This is the maximum Gauss number of magnets.

Measuring magnetic field with Gauss gauge shows that holding Gauss gauge gently touches the surface of the magnet or the position of the space magnetic field measured by the concave surface of Hall element (i.e. the surface marked with a dot) at the front end of the sensor.

Improper operation method will force the top of the sensor down the surface of the object under test, which is easy to damage.

In addition to the Gaussian gauge, a magnetometer can also be used. The units of the two are different. The former is gaussian, and the latter is kilogram/cubic centimeter. But they are the same, for example, some customers require that the Gauss should not be less than 5000 gauss, if the pulling force should not be less than 2.5 kg.
Generally speaking, Gauss gauge is used to measure smaller flux density, and Tesla gauge is used to measure larger flux density.
Operational precautions:
The Hall element (probe) at the front end of the Gaussian meter should pass through the magnetic field line vertically.
There were no other magnetic objects nearby at the time of measurement.
1T = 1000MT = 10000gs


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