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How to thoroughly degauss the rare earth NdFeB strength magnet

How to demagnetize the magnetism of Nd-Fe-B magnet? Customers often ask this question. Today, Mr. Fu of Courage Magnet Factory comes to tell you again.
The application of NdFeB magnet is very extensive. In the production practice, it needs to be assembled after demagnetization, or treated for other purposes after demagnetization. The user's requirements are higher and higher, and the required methods and contents are more and more. How to demagnetize NdFeB magnet? Firstly, NdFeB is a strong magnet, and its intrinsic coercive force is high and difficult to demagnetize. Therefore, the demagnetization of NdFeB needs to use a high-energy pulse demagnetizer. AC magnetic field demagnetizer is not feasible, even pulse demagnetizer should have enough energy, small demagnetizing coil, high demagnetizing voltage and large energy storage capacity, in order to achieve demagnetization effect.
Because of the strong magnetism of Nd-Fe-B, demagnetization is very clean and difficult. Generally, more than 1000 Gaussians of surface magnetism are normal!
At present, there are only two better ways to demagnetize NdFeB. One is high temperature demagnetization. The temperature is generally above 800 degrees. This requires the purchase of heating furnaces, which are very energy-intensive. It is difficult for ordinary units and individuals to do so. The other is using demagnetizing machine.

Generally speaking, for permanent magnets less than 5 mm in thickness, the demagnetizer is still very clean, and the surface magnetism is several gaussian. If the thickness of permanent magnet is more than 5 mm, the surface magnetism after demagnetization is larger, usually in tens or hundreds of gaussians.

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