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Does ferrite rotor inventory demagnetize after 3 years?

When I was looking at the website and visiting the data sources, I saw an interesting topic about magnets. The user asked if the ferrite rotor inventory would be demagnetized after 3 years. Will it or won't it?Below courage magnet supplier small make up on this issue to give you a brief introduction.
The chemical name of ferrite is iron oxide, iron oxide, is very difficult to be oxidized, so rust is impossible, ferrite structure is very stable, if not affected by the outside world, let alone 3 years, 10 years, 20 years will not demagnetization.
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What are the main external influences?
The outside influence of the ferrite rotor degaussing mainly has the temperature change, receives the strong outside magnetic field or the impact, other is nothing.
Our factory to ferrite demagnetization using ferrite demagnetization machine, demagnetization is very fast, 1-3 seconds.
The above is about the article "ferrite rotor inventory after 3 years will demagnetization", hope to help the friend who has this question.

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