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What is the maximum magnetic field strength of ceramic ferrite?

Ferrite permanent magnet(ceramic ferrite) also known as ferrite magnet steel, is usually we see the small black magnet. Its main raw materials are iron oxide, barium carbonate or strontium carbonate. When magnetized, the residual magnetic field is strong and can be retained for a long time. It is usually used as a permanent magnet material.
Ferrite magnets, most of which are used on speakers, are shown below.
speaker magnets
What is the highest magnetic value of a ferrite magnet?
Ferrite magnet surface magnetic highest about 1700GS will reach the peak, due to the relationship between materials so will not exceed 2000, usually customers use the purchase of ferrite magnetic around 1000-1200gs in the majority.

Of course, this measurement result is related to the size of the magnet, and also to the measuring instrument Gauss meter. The following radial 8-pole ferrite magnet product has more than 1900 magnetic meters, which I used the Japanese Gauss meter to measure before, and maybe more than 1700 and 1800 with the domestic Gauss meter.

Xiaobian has measured an 8-pole radial ferrite magnet, 1900gs by Japanese Gaussian meter, 1700 by domestic Gaussian meter.

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