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Injection molded ferrite vs sintered ferrite, Which material more resistant to high temperatures?

Courage Magnetoelectric Technology Co.,LTD professional produce magnet productions both of Injection Molded Ferrite Magnets and Sintered Ferrite Magnets materials. Welcome to consult if you plan to purchase motor rotor magnets.
Injection Molded Ferrite Magnets and Sintered Ferrite Magnets all belongs to Ferrite Magnets. It's just the difference in physical properties between the two magnet products. It is necessary to know that there are the difference in isotropy and anisotropy between the Injection Molded Ferrite Magnets and Sintered Ferrite Magnets.
Injection molded ferrite vs sintered ferrite
Today we talked about that which is more better of Injection Molded Ferrite Magnets and Sintered Ferrite Magnets? What is the maximum temperature that an injection magnet can withstand?
The highest temperature resistance of injection-moulded ferrite about 180 degrees, less than 200 degrees, however will be reach 200~300 degrees of the Sintered Ferrite Magnet. If your product needs magnetic stability and high temperature resistance, it will be a good choice which the Sintered Ferrite.  
From the above introduction, we can know that will be more resistant to high temperature which the Sintered ferrite magnets.

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