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How should a cylindrical magnet measure Gauss?

Cylindrical magnet, a common magnet in production, is usually Nd-Fe-B and ferrite material. But some of my friends haven't seen it very much, and they don't know how it is magnetized and that Gauss is worth measuring. Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to you.
What are the magnetizing methods of cylindrical magnets?
Nd-Fe-B Cylindrical Magnet
Usually they are both radial and axial. Generally, the higher the diameter is, the more radial the thickness is, the thinner the thickness is, of course, this is not certain. It is mainly based on the actual needs of customers.
How to measure the Gaussian value of cylindrical magnet?
Many people don't know how to measure the Gaussian value of a cylindrical magnet. Where is it measured? In fact, this magnet mainly has two Gaussian positions, one is the smooth position at both ends, the other is the smooth side of the surface. This depends on the material chosen by the magnet manufacturer when customizing the magnet and the cutting direction.
Normal cylindrical magnets move smoothly in the plane through Gaussian meters at both ends, and choose the highest value of gaussian. Side magnets need Gaussian gauge gauge to move smoothly on the side to select the highest Gaussian value range. By this way, Gaussian values of cylindrical magnets can be measured, and the Gaussian value range of magnets can be selected.
By explaining the Gaussian range measurement method and magnetization method of cylindrical magnet, do you have a general understanding now? If you don't understand, we can email us!

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