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How to distinguish whether a magnet sample is high temperature resistant?

Magnets, a common thing in our daily life, of course, there are many kinds of magnets. In our magnet manufacturers, we often meet customers who say to make goods according to my samples. Such a sentence, although very common, is very cautious in our magnet manufacturers'eyes. Why? So what about that? Firstly, magnets are divided into two kinds: conventional room temperature magnets and high temperature magnets. Ordinary users can use conventional magnets, that is, according to customer performance requirements. But some customers have special requirements and need high temperature resistance, which is usually used in the motor industry.

The figure below shows ndfeb strong magnetic tile
High Temperature Resistant Magnets

If the customer only gives the sample without informing the temperature resistance of the product, we magnet manufacturers do not know whether this is a high temperature resistance magnet sample, it is easy to produce magnets that do not meet customer requirements in production. So the customer needs to know and understand the environment used by the magnet and how high the working temperature needs to be met, so there is no problem.
What is the way to distinguish whether it is a magnet with high temperature resistance?
It is not different from the shape of the magnet. It can only be heated to a certain temperature by doing coercive force experiments, and then put into the coil to keep the temperature. It generates a magnetic field opposite to the magnet itself. It can not exceed the intrinsic coercive force of the magnet, and then let the magnet cool down, if the magnet cools after the magnet is cooled. Significant drop indicates that it is not a high temperature resistant model.

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