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What equipment is used for NdFeB drill hole? How to prevent damaged?

About Nd-Fe-B drilling hole, netizens asked more about the equipment used for Nd-Fe-B drilling and how Nd-Fe-B drilling can avoid breaking.
Instrument lathe, bench drill and professional Nd-Fe-B sleeve lathe are most commonly used in Nd-Fe-B drilling process.
So how to avoid Nd-Fe-B processing fracture?
drill hole NdFeB
There are three factors affecting Nd-Fe-B drilling fracture, namely machine tool, cutting tool and high temperature.
Instrument lathe is the most commonly used medium-hole Nd-Fe-B magnet whose inner hole is less than 8 mm. A bench drill is a necessary lathe for drilling some tile holes. In addition, we should do a good job of products.
Fixture, fix the product. Sleeve-hole lathe is a lathe used for Nd-Fe-B magnets with inner holes of more than 8 mm.
Alloy cutter is a necessary tool for drilling. It is usually used in combination with instrument lathe and bench drill. It is not a special alloy cutter that will cause Nd-Fe-B borehole to fracture.
Moreover, in the process of processing, the high temperature produced by magnets and cutting tools needs water and oil to cool down, otherwise the Nd-Fe-B magnet borehole fracture will occur.
Professional things to professional people to do, we do not recommend that customers themselves piercing magnets.
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