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What is multipole magnetization? How much is a multipole magnetizing fixture?

As you know, magnets can be divided into two types: ordinary magnetization (commonly axial magnetization, radial magnetization) and multipole magnetization. The following is a brief introduction of common magnetization and multipole magnetization.
Ordinary magnetization: Ordinary magnetization is the use of existing magnetizing equipment and fixtures to magnetize magnetic materials. After magnetization, the product presents N, S poles (that is, one surface has only one pole).
Multipolar magnetization: Multipolar magnetization is the use of customized magnetization fixture for magnetization, magnetization in a plane can present a number of N, S poles.
multipole magnetization
How much does it cost to make a magnetizing fixture?
Due to the special design of the size and the magnetizing fixture of the pole, it will generate additional magnetizing fixture costs, generally need two or three thousand RMB, the specific material (common multi-pole magnetization material for sintered ferrite, bonded NdFeB, injection molding magnets) etc., Please contact us directly for the specific quotation.

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