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Is wet pressed ferrite magnet the anisotropy?

Hello everyone, I am Courage Magnet Xiaofu, a network promoter who has been in the magnet industry for 4 years. If you have magnet problem. Please contact me. Today's topic: Is wet pressed ferrite the heterotropic?
When it comes to wet-pressed ferrite, it is necessary to mention dry-pressed ferrite. These two are ferrite production processes. It is also better to understand that wet-pressure is the molding slurry containing moisture, and the magnetically shaped particles are easily turned. Therefore, it has a higher degree of orientation than the dry pressure difference performance, and its performance is higher.
Going back to the question we just said, Is wet pressed ferrite the heterotropic?
wet pressed ferrite

(The picture is a ferrite square magnet)
YSE. The dry pressure is mainly used for the same-sex and low-grade heterogeneous magnetic steel, such as: Y25 performance below. High performance can only be produced by wet pressure.
Introduction of the process flow of wet pressed ferrite;
The wet pressing process is: raw material → pre-burning → coarse pulverization (one ball milling) → batching → secondary ball milling (wet grinding) → magnetic field forming → sintering → grinding → cleaning → magnetization.
The above is an introduction about whether the ferrite wet pressure is heterosexual. I hope my answer can help you.

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