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What are the surface treatment methods of bonded NdFeB magnets?

About the surface treatment of magnets, most of them are sintered Nd-Fe-B, that is, the types of high-intensity magnetic coatings. The introduction of bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets is very few. Today, Xiaofu, a supplier of Courage magnets, introduces to you the coating of bonded NdFeB.
The corrosion resistance of bonded Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet iron is poor. In humid environment, the surface of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet iron will form micro-batteries, which will increase the corrosion rate. At present, surface electrophoresis is usually used to improve its corrosion resistance.

Bonded ndfeb surface treatment

The surface treatment of bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets mainly adopts the method of epoxy resin [electrophoresis]. In addition, it can also carry out acrylic resin electrophoresis, epoxy resin spraying, Teflon spraying, Perrin deposition, vacuum dipping and other coatings and surface treatment processes, so that the products can meet the daily and long-term work in different use environments. Corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, friction resistance and other requirements, specific coating requirements can be selected and superimposed according to the use of environmental requirements.

This is about the introduction of bonded Nd-Fe-B coating, inquiry sample, quotation welcome to email.

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