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What aspects should be paid attention to in customizing countersunk hole magnet?

Countersunk hole magnet is a common magnet in the view of magnet manufacturer, but it is not a simple magnet in the view of layman.
What is a countersunk magnet?
countersunk hole magnet

Many people don't know. Usually there are two ways to drill holes on magnets, one is straight holes, the other is sinking holes. We all know that the straight hole is an ordinary hole, so what exactly is the countersunk hole? Many of the sinking holes on magnets are made for the convenience of screw matching, so sinking holes are needed. Then sinking holes are actually holes with two heads, and then the screw is lowered from the side of the big hole until the screw plane is equal to the magnet plane.

So when we customize the countersunk hole magnet, what aspects should we pay attention to?
The countersunk magnet needs to hollow out the middle position of the magnet block, so the magnet block can not be too thin, with a thickness of 5 mm is better, and then the sinking hole plane on both sides of the hole position can not be too close, because the magnet is very fragile, if too close, it is easy to break, so our magnet manufacturer will recommend to keep at least 3 mm, then this way The thickness will not be too thin, and the distance between the holes on both sides to the edge will not be too close, which can reduce the probability of fracture.

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