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What do you need to confirm when buying strong magnets?

Magnet application is quite extensive, almost all walks of life need to use this magnet, the problem comes, how should the novice friend of a few dry contact magnet purchase magnet? What should I pay attention to when purchasing magnets? How can I order the magnet I want?
In general, you need to confirm these things
1. What material should be used and how is its performance? (magnets can have dozens of performance oh) 

2. What are the requirements for the size and tolerance of magnets? (Tolerance is very important for quotation)
3. Whether to magnetize? If you want to magnetize, how? Axial? Radial?
4. Maximum temperature of magnet working environment? Choose the right material according to the temperature. Like neodymium iron boron magnet high temperature ordinary only 80 degrees, if you use the magnet application temperature is higher than this degree, choose to change the brand oh.
5. A quantity ordered?
6. Surface treatment? Zinc, nickel? Or something else.
7. If you need any special treatment, please let us know.

Once we get these information,quotation will be send to you immediatly.
We are the china magnet manufacturer, so you can order the size, shape and other properties, please contact the online customer service of our website for details!

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