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What's the difference between the Injection molding magnetic inner rotor and the outer rotor?

Dongguan Courage Magnets Manufacturer specializes in the production and sale of permanent magnet ferrite tiles, sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets, motor injection magnets, and magnetic products manufacturers. Our company mainly produces injection-moulded (nylon) magnetic rotor, injection-moulded magnetic ring can be axial magnetization, can also be radial multi-pole magnetization, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
What is the difference between an injection-moulded magnetic inner rotor and an injection-moulded magnetic outer rotor?
Mainly according to the use of motor customers, usually the magnet of external rotor motor is internal magnetization, while the magnet of internal rotor motor is external magnetization. The main difference between internal rotor and external rotor is internal or external rotation. For example, the motor in a remote-controlled car played by a child is turning inward (the motor shaft is turning) and outward transmission can be said to be the whole surface is turning (except the rotor bracket).
In order to better understand the internal and external rotor magnets of injection magnets, Xiaobian has found two pictures.
Picture of Injection Molded Magnetic External Rotor

Picture of Injection Molded Magnetic Inner Rotor

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