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Is the permeability of magnetic material high or low good?

If it is about magnetoconductivity, it should be soft magnetic materials. General line materials can be divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. The difference between the two is coercivity, which can be understood as the magnitude of the applied magnetic field that must be applied when the magnetic field disappears.
The definition of permeability is the slope of the magnetization curve, which simply means the ease of magnetization of the magnetic material, and is exactly the opposite of coercivity.
neodymium magnet
Soft magnetic material requirements: high permeability (especially initial permeability), small magnetic loss and good stability. Because soft magnetism is used for continuous magnetization and demagnetization, high permeability can be the corresponding change of external magnetic field quickly, of course, the higher the better.
Hard magnetic materials: high magnetic product energy, strong coercivity, high Curie temperature and good stability. Hard magnetic also known as permanent magnet, generally after the first charge is not like soft magnetic demagnetization is often charged, so there is no need for high permeability ~
So that's the introduction of magnetoconductivity of magnetic materials, mainly soft magnetic or hard magnetic, ok?
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